Hormann LPU42 L-Ribbed Duragrain Sectional Door



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Smooth Electric Operation


Secured by Design Accredited


24 Natural Timber Finishes


42mm Insulated, Double-Skinned Slats


Made in Germany


10 Year Warranty

Constructed with top-quality materials, the LPU42 L-Ribbed Duragrain Sectional Door is a statement-piece addition to your home. Available in 24 realistic wood finishes, the ribbed design adds depth and dimension to the door, while the Duragrain finish creates the a natural wood look, without all the maintenance.

This door isn’t just a pretty face – it’s a solid door that’s built to last. Constructed using double skinned 42mm insulated slats, made with 100% CFC-free polyurethane foam, the door provides excellent thermal insulation and noise reduction. The slats are then finished with one of Hormann’s 24 realistic Duragrain finishes, which include a range of woodgrain finishes as well as more statement finishes, such as Concrete or Rusty Steel. Duragrain is only available from Hormann and offers maximum scratch and damage resistance.

The LPU42 sectional door also features Hormann’s patented FingerTrap protection system, which prevents fingers from getting caught in the joints and their double-track frame, making it a safe choice for families with children.

In addition to its sleek design and top-notch security features, the LPU42 L-Ribbed Duragrain Sectional Door is also incredibly convenient to use. The door can be operated with ease using a remote control, smartphone app, or even voice commands through a smart speaker. Check out our Garage Automation Services to find out more.

Developed and manufactured in Germany, these doors offer unrivalled insulation, as well as safety, security and convenience. Contact us today to learn more about the LPU42 L-Ribbed Duragrain Sectional Door and to schedule a free consultation.

  • Hormann Sectional Garage Doors are suspended under the ceiling and open vertically, providing maximum space inside and in front of the garage
  • Can be fitted in all garage door openings
  • Offer 14cm more passage width than up and over garage doors
  • Sealed on all four sides with flexible, weather-resistant seals
  • European Standard 13241-1 Tested and Certified

Available FINISHES:

Duragrain Bambus


Duragrain Beige


Duragrain Burned Oak

Burned Oak

Duragrain Cherry


Duragrain Concrete


Duragrain Grigio Scuro

Grigio Scuro

Duragrain Grigio


Duragrain Moca


Duragrain Natural Oak

Natural Oak

Duragrain Noce Sorrento Balsamico

Noce Sorrento Balsamico

Duragrain Noce Sorrento Natur

Noce Sorrento Natur

Duragrain Pine


Duragrain Rusty Oak

Rusty Oak

Duragrain Rusty Steel

Rusty Steel

Duragrain Sapeli


Duragrain Sheffield


Duragrain Teak


Duragrain Used Look

Used Look

Duragrain Walnuss Kolonial

Walnuss Kolonial

Duragrain Walnuss Terra

Walnuss Terra

Duragrain White Brushed

White Brushed

Duragrain White Oak

White Oak

Duragrain White Oiled Oak

White Oiled Oak

Duragrain White Washed Oak

White Washed Oak

Available Operators:

Hormann ProMatic Garage Door Motor

Hormann Promatic

Hormann SupraMatic Motor with Remote

Hormann Supramatic

Available Handles:

Handle Black

Black Nylon Handle (Standard)

Handle White

White Handle

Handle Polished Stainless Steel

Polished Stainless Steel

Handle - Brushed Stainless Steel Finish

Brushed Stainless Steel

Handle Silver

Silver Handle

Handle - Brass Finish

Brass Handle




Grain Effect, Steel

Colour / Finish

Bamboo, Beige, Burned Oak, Cherry, Concrete, Grigio, Grigio Scuro, Moca, Natural Oak, Noce Sorrento Balsamico, Noce Sorrento Natur, Pine, Rusty Oak, Rusty Steel, Sapeli, Sheffield, Teak, Used Look, Walnuss Kolonial, Walnuss Terra, White Brushed, White Oak, White Oiled Oak, White Washed Oak