Hormann ProMatic Motor



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The Hormann ProMatic is a high-quality and reliable motor designed for sectional, up & over & retractable garage doors. It is also the ideal option for those needing a motor without a power source, as the ProMatic can run off a rechargeable battery.

The opener features automatic anti-lift door locking, where the anti-lift kit in the boom engages as soon as the door is closed, preventing the ability for forceful entry. This lock can be released manually by pulling the emergency cord, so the door can be operated even if there is no power. The opener is controlled by a 4-button remote, which not only controls the door, but lets you check if the door is closed. This convenient querying of door position will show as green if the door is closed, or red if it’s open.

The ProMatic offers excellent energy-saving, using less than 1 watt in standby mode. A bright LED light helps you navigate your garage in the dark. It also features a ventilation position, which lets you ventilate your garage automatically, preventing dampness and mould. And with ProMatic Akku, you can enjoy all the benefits of an automatic operator without a power supply. It can be charged via a regular power outlet or, for extra convenience, an optional solar module is available for solar recharging.

The Hormann ProMatic Motor comes with a range of accessories, including remote controls, wall switches, and key switches. You can choose the accessories that best suit your needs and preferences. Why not check out our Garage Automation Services and control your garage with your phone?

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